Nations: Vision, Mission & Values.

We approach Nations vision, mission and values as holistic. They are all intricately interconnected to everything we do in our personal life, and in ministry. 

Nations is about building relationships everywhere so that everyone know knows someone who is Native and a follower of Jesus. In the power of the Holy Spirit we hope to share the message of Jesus to every tribe, and nation.

Nations is about creating sacred spaces where there is a mutual sharing of life, stories, food, healing, songs, dances, and ways to connect to each other and to Creator. The mission of Restore, Nurture, and Serve is to help Native people who follow Jesus return to their community with the message of Jesus.

Nations staff lead from values based on the context of the local people, tribe, and/or community so that Native people live out of their identity as Native people who are followers of the Jesus Way.

We recognize Native people as the host people of Turtle Island. Their sacred spaces are where they have come to know Creator. These spaces are shown respect by protocol. That is how Native people welcome others to their space. Protocol is also the sharing of songs, dances, and gifts to welcome, to honor, and to show respect for others, the tribe, and Creator.

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