Guidelines for Native American Ministry

1. Thank the Native person and their community for being the host. Remember whose land you are on! 2. Native people don’t always want to talk about being Native. For many it sucks to be Native. It’s not always fun to talk about the violence, alcoholism, and historical trauma of Native history. 3. Native people are proud... Continue Reading →

Restore / Nurture / Serve

RESTORE (Win in Cru) Helping students find restoration in light of disharmony with Creator, others, and self (Galatians 6:1; Psalm 23:3). Restoration is a holistic view that refers not only to the ‘spiritual’ afterlife, but life in the here and now on earth (Matthew 6:10). Restoration is a journey, and we invite others into that... Continue Reading →

Nations: Vision, Mission & Values.

We approach Nations vision, mission and values as holistic. They are all intricately interconnected to everything we do in our personal life, and in ministry.  Nations is about building relationships everywhere so that everyone know knows someone who is Native and a follower of Jesus. In the power of the Holy Spirit we hope to... Continue Reading →

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