Talking Circle Podcast

The Talking Circle podcast is coming soon! Episodes are now being recorded during live Zoom calls.

Until then, please check a few of our Talking Circle Facebook Live events:

The Talking Circle Spring 2022 Speaker Series

Listen to our good friend Rashawn Ramone share about his work with Native Intervarsity.

The Circle welcomed Mark Charles, author, speaker, activist, and our frined, to share about his thoughts on Treaties.

Listen to “Badass Inidgenous Grandma” talk to us about eldership.

Get your dictionaires out because uncle Terry LeBlanc is about educate all of us on apologies.

Rev Dr. Randy Woodley talking to us about CRT (Criticial Race Theory).

WJEF has always been one of my favoirte conferences because of how questions are welcomed. But, what if certain ideas, thoughts, people, groups, or discussions are not welcome? .

Join us as sit down with speaker, friend, mentor, and boarding school survivor, Susie Silversmith.

Terry Wilman sits down with us to share about the First Nations Version.

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