Guidelines for Native American Ministry

1. Thank the Native person and their community for being the host. Remember whose land you are on!

2. Native people dont always want to talk about being Native. For many it sucks to be Native. Its not always fun to talk about the violence, alcoholism, and historical trauma of Native history.

3. Native people are proud to be Native and this is reflected on a heart level, not in what they own or how their community might look.

4. Dont ask what the people need, but live relationally in the community.

5. Bring your laundry to the laundry mat. There is no script for missionaries at the laundry mat. Everything said in the laundry mat is real life.

6. Stay for the long haul, please no driveby gospel tract throwing. Natives have heard (and know) your tract, and many more like it.

7. Ministry happens within the context of a relationship. Natives live in relation to one another, if youre not in relation with them, then youre an outsider.

8. Native people call God by different names. The accepted pan Indian term is “Creator.They know there is one true Creator.

9. Native people believe all things are made by Creator and they are sacred, the animate and inanimate.

10. Learn what it means that everything is interconnected in the universe.

11. Elders are the prophets and cultural gatekeepers. Native people seek their wisdom. Facts and knowledge of written words dont compare to an elders wisdom.

12. Develop a sense of humor you uptight jerk. Laughter and teasing are even a part of their spirituality.

13, Reciprocity is a way of life. Take only what you need, and offer something in return.


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