Nations: A Cru Ministry

Nations began on the campus of New Mexico State University. Donnie and Renee Begay had been involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru) as freshmen students. During Cru’s Winer Conference, back in 2001 Renee decided to sign a millennial pledge, which meant she would give a year of her life to ministry after college. Donnie wasn’t sure at the time what to do, but he was willing and just wanted to encourage his wife in her decision. Later she revealed that she had a vision. Her sacred moment was a picture of bringing the gospel to her Zuni people. At these conferences, they are so full of enthusiasm and joy that you will sign just about anything. So, Donnie decided to sign despite not having a vision of his own he was in it for the adventure.

Back at NMSU they told their hopes and dreams to their spiritual mother, Kristin and she said, “you can’t do that, you’re just an Indian,” just kidding. She told them to pray. Kristin became their spiritual mother, because she not only taught them things, but invited Donnie and Renee into her home, she fed them, and she listened to their stories. The great commission found in Matthew 28 are Jesus’ last words that said to go and make disciples of all NATIONS. That resonated with Donnie so much he couldn’t keep it to himself and had to tell Renee. She was hesitant at first about starting something new, but at the same time she had also read the same verse and knew in heart that was what the ministry would eventually be called.

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Nations: Vision, Mission & Values 

Restore / Nurture / Serve 

Guide to Native American Ministry  


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