Who Doesn’t Like Kake (Alaska)?

In 2009, Renee and I, along with a few college students arrived by ferry to Kake, Alaska expecting to make a difference in the community. What we found was a very welcoming place full of people who loved to play basketball, eat good seafood, fish and have enjoyed life in one of the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

Creeper Van (Part II)

Last time I wrote about the creeper van that drove through my mom's house on the Navajo reservation a few summers ago. In 2018 a new crop of missionaries¬† have come, but this time they brought their own van and actually came up to the door of my mom's house on the Navajo reservation.  ... Continue Reading →

Renee on Native American Ministry

Native American ministry is uniquely different from Cru's model of ministry. For one,¬†"Life is lived through relationships," as Mark Charles would tell us. Native American¬† ministry is doing life within Native American communities. Donnie & Renee has been on staff for over 10 years in Cru. They started "Nations" in 2004 on the campus of... Continue Reading →

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