Nations: Alaska Summer Mission

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kake 2009 team pic
The first ever Nations Alaska team! They were the best bunch of participants any summer project could ask for. Thank you (from left to right) Nicole, Grayson, Marie, Sydney, Jenna, Mike, and Mr. California Roll, Aaron. Kenny is the little guy in front.

Churches didn’t invent the “Potlatch,” Alaskan Natives did!

Potlatches are an integral part of Tlingit history and modern-day life. A potlatch is a giant feast that marks a time for showing respect, paying debts, and displaying wealth. Tlingit people give grandly at potlatches to raise their stature. The respect and honor held toward one’s ancestry, name, house crest, and family, and the extent of one’s wealth might determine how elaborate a potlatch would be; these ceremonies are not, however, forms of worship to any gods. Potlatches are given for various reasons and may be planned for years in advance. The most common potlatches given today are funeral potlatches, the 40-Day Party, memorial potlatches, adoption potlatches, naming potlatches, totem-pole-raising potlatches, and house- or lodge-building potlatches.


Any college student that is looking for an adventure this summer should consider going to Kake! Get the chance to catch a king salmon, become part of the Tlingit community, play some good basketball, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Don’t have a whole summer to join the adventure, then join Nations: Alaska X. This is open for anyone who would like to experience the adventure of the Nations: Alaska summer mission , but cannot commit for the entire summer. This shortened version of the summer mission will take participants into Alaska for 10 days to experience the wonder of Alaska through the people and community of Kake.

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